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In the Waahdo Winter Gardens, you can enjoy dinner safely and atmospherically with your own group.


Below you will see  menus and  important information about booking Winter Gardens:

  • Maximum number of people 8

  • Booking time 2h/reservations

  • Sales guarantee / winter garden / reservation: Winter room for 8 people 180 €.   NOTE!    New Year's Eve from 8 pm sales guarantee € 300/8 person Winter Room and € 500/10 person Winter Room.

  • Sales guarantee means, that if your reservation's total check is min. 180€ there is no extra costs. If this is not met, the difference is added to the final bill as an extra

  • .

  • We recommend ordering food and, if possible, drinks in advance. This way we avoid extra door opening and make the heat stay in the Winter Gardens better. 

  • By booking in advance, you will spend the evening in your own peace as uninterrupted as possible.

You can book winter rooms either by calling us at Waahto or by sending an e-mail to




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